The Plague of Major Depression

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Major depression The plaque of major depression (MD) is wide spread and an ever increasing one. The age of diagnosis is steadily decreasing. This raises the question: do psychologists diagnose this disorder too frequently; is it a means to an end when no problem really exists? Or is there a clinical rise in prevalence as a result of genetic, physiological, social, stress, psychosocial or any other factor that may contribute to the manifestation of MD. In the following section we define MD, discuss the symptoms of MD, and review the aetiology (cause) of MD. Definition of MD Major depression falls in a category of psychological disorders that affect mood. Mood disorders can be defined as disorders where: 1) a person feels depressed and/or…show more content…
Emotional symptoms The manifestation of depression in itself is an emotional symptom. Dysphoric mood is evident with excessive feelings of disappointment and sadness. Dysphoria may appear as extreme negativity or the cessation pleasurable feelings (Halgin and Whitbourne, 2003). Insert DSM Aetiology of MD The causation of MD covers a broad spectrum, hence it may be classified as a syndrome. In this section we summarize the predisposing factors of MD and focus on genetic factors. Biological factors • Genetics • Neurochemicals  Serotonin  Noradrenalin  Dopamine  GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) • Stress Psychological factors • Behaviour • Cognition • Personality and temperament • Loss and rejection Social factors • Lack of social support • Poor interpersonal skill • Poor social skills • Socio-economics status The contribution of genetic factor to various psychological disorders causes much debate between the two fields of study. Psychologist previously often overlooked genetic contributions to the development of any psychological disorder. In recent time it is cannot be argued that genetics do not play an integral role in psychiatry. Family, adoptions and twin studies often confirm the genetic bases of psychological disorders. This is not to say that only genetics should be reckoned in psychiatry, but its contribution cannot be argued any longer. The animosity between these fields

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