The Plan And Budget After The Homeland Security

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The steps involved in developing a Homeland Security Plan and Budget after the Homeland Security Assessment of the organization has been completed is to first develop the Vision statement
The Vision statement is XYZ organization will be the industry leader in providing “Best Practices” that support homeland security among employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. The second step is to develop the Mission statement, and Mission statement creates ownership of homeland security initiatives among all levels of employees throughout the organization.The third step is developing the Shared Values.Shared Values include Sharing of “Best Practice” homeland security initiatives with all employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. Also it
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The strategy for Managers and supervisors to be held accountable for meeting the organization’s strategic plans and goals for homeland security the cost is $ 500. The strategy for Senior leadership to increase involvement in key supplier, partner, and customer homeland security initiatives the cost is $2,000. The total cost of all the leadership strategy is $4,500 (Fisher,2013,p.211, ).
Strategic Planning is the second Objective, and this objective is to develop a strategic homeland security plan,which Involve employees, suppliers, partners, and customers in the organization’s strategic planning process for homeland security. Then develop a recognition budget for homeland security. Next Benchmark other leading organization’s homeland security initiatives and use findings to improve security initiatives. The total cost of the Strategic planning objective is $10,500. Customer and Market Focus is third Objective, and it Align homeland security initiatives with key customers and markets. First Survey key customers annually regarding homeland security initiatives that are offered. Also, Benchmark organizations that provide value-added homeland security initiatives to their customers. Next, Review industry offerings for homeland security initiatives. Last,Provide key customers value-added homeland security services that are aligned with the organization’s market plans and goals. The total cost of the Customer and
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