The Plan For Family Structure

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Kimberly Walker
Florida State College at Jacksonville
HUS 3022
Professor Webster
April 14, 2016

The blueprint to family structure. Genogram an updated approach of researching conjectural family events. It is also a road map for individuals to connect and note relationship patterns of multiple generations. Moreover, it gives meaning to why family life cycles are disrupted in some area and strong in others. As people study their family circle they gain understanding of how multiple generations are influenced by the core values of family structure. In addition, with more in-depth inquiries, individual could trace how religion, social norms, historical events, rituals, tragedies, and lack of support from family can alter those values. Case in point, today’s family unit, mostly consist of single parent household with two or more kids. Their pathway to survival often changes the core value of past generations. Consequently, single parent homes often rely on two or more generations living together to meet and secure the needs of child rearing. Households with multigenerational families and the complexity thereof, together with death, marriage, divorce, child birth, transitions of children (teenage and young adult), the elderly, social and health status, plays an important part in transitioning and emotional phase within each family.
Family history oftentimes limit itself to a sketch layout of relatives’ connections, of who married whom or dates…
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