The Plan Of Organizational And Operational Structure Of A Given Entity ( Bernard 2012 )

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Introduction :
Enterprise architecture refers to the plan of organizational and operational structure of a given entity (Bernard 2012). In enterprise architecture, the task of managing projects/programs usually involves many issues and especially the once that requires decisions. In a single day project/program managesr end up having made many decisions, most of which pertains to the fulfillment of the project/program objectives and organizational wellbeing. Among the decisions the project/program managesr deal with includes prominent and small, whereby the prominent decisions require deep thoughts, thus serious consideration of the critical issues may be deemed necessary, while in the latter cases project/program managesr barely need to
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Additionally, the lifecycle of the projects/program, which usually turn out to be long, creates room for cheating especially since any unusual actions on the implementation phases of the project/program would likely be unnoticed for long periods. These thus create the ethical issues that surround the management of projects/programs. There are numerous other ethical issues that face the project/program managesron a daily basis, and thus, there are ethical guidelines to help them in making the correct decisions. This paper looks into and discusses the various project/program managers ethics.
Difference between Program Manager and Project Manager :
A project refers to a temporary task that is characterized of limited time, resources and cost. Alternately, a program refers to a set of projects put together to come up with one specific task and objective (Kerzner 2011). As such, the difference between a project manager and a program manager lies in their roles. Whilst the program manager’s role pertains to overseeing the implementation of the various projects put together to form the larger program, a project manager mainly concentrates on the attainment of the objectives of the specific project they are responsible for.
Common Ethical Issues in Program/Project Management – Enterprise Architecture:

As stated above, there are numerous ethical issues that face the project/program managesr within the field of enterprise architecture.
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