The Plan That Our Council Has Set Up Should Not Be Allowed

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The plan that our council has set up should not be allowed to pass because of the negative implications it brings along with it. There is promise of new buildings, cleaner streets, nicer homes, and a more beautiful city as a result of all this. This however is ignoring the plethora of problems it brings to the current poorer residence. Gentrification isn’t anything new in today’s world and has changed a cities culture, stopped businesses, increased taxes, and has caused many people to be homeless. It destroys the beauty made by a community and its timing could not be any worse as it approaches the Holiday season. The plan is only beneficial if you’re middle and upper class, while being terrible to working and lower class. Of course there…show more content…
Cleaning up the city is pretty self-explanatory when asking why it’s a positive thing. There is a lot of trash, graffiti, and broken down houses, storage places, and buildings in this city that make it less aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If the plan goes through then these things will be cleaned off the streets, and the buildings will either be torn down or renovated and made to function and our city will look beautiful. Another a way of cleaning is that with renovation drug dealers and criminals are removed from the area or are too scared to operate in the cleaner areas because of the higher attention they’re getting. There’s only one downside and it’s that because it’s more visually pleasing and that some residential houses may be fixed up, property value might possibly rise. To newcomers and people who can afford it, that doesn’t seem bad at all. The cost of living in a better, safer, cleaner place to them is completely worth it. This plan can also bring a lot of tourism to the city. Tourism is very good for an area because it helps the economy of the city grow, and opens up jobs for a lot of people. This is also links to why we want to clean the city, especially because it has such a bad reputation for crimes and other things that have been created by the media. Tourists can come and see that it’s wrong and opinion can change about the city and about the people who live in it. The downside to tourism is when it becomes too much tourism, a lot of
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