The Plan That Our Council Has Set Up Should Not Be Allowed

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The plan that our council has set up should not be allowed to pass because of the negative implications it brings along with it. There is promise of new buildings, cleaner streets, nicer homes, and a more beautiful city as a result of all this. This however is ignoring the plethora of problems it brings to the current poorer residence. Gentrification isn’t anything new in today’s world and has changed a cities culture, stopped businesses, increased taxes, and has caused many people to be homeless. It destroys the beauty made by a community and its timing could not be any worse as it approaches the Holiday season. The plan is only beneficial if you’re middle and upper class, while being terrible to working and lower class. Of course there are others who see this as a positive change and seek the good in it. The good they are referring to is what urban redevelopment is supposed to be like and what its purpose is. These can include many great things like cleaning up the city, adding new structures, fixing up old houses for residents, fixing up old houses or making ones for new residents, creating jobs, bringing tourists, and a popular vibe to the city. In that view point you may think that there isn’t anything wrong with the plan as it is very positive. However, as I mentioned above there is a plethora of problems that follow these things and we shall see what they are. There is both good and bad in this plan. The problem is does the good outweigh the bad? Let us take a look…
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