The Planet Of Earth : Planet Earth

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Descriptions of the 8 planets including a dwarf planet:
Mercury: Mercury is only slightly larger than earth’s moon and the sun is the closest to this planet than any other planet. This planet can reach 840 degrees Fahrenheit (450 Celsius). Its diameter is 3,031 miles (4,878 km), its orbit is 88 earth days and mercury’s full day lasts 58.6 earth days.
Venus: Venus takes first place when it comes to the hottest planet. Venus is substantially hot with an atmosphere that is toxic. The diameter is 7,521 miles (12,104km), it orbits 225 earth days and its full day lasts 241 earth days.
Earth: Earth is covered in water mostly rather than land (1/3 of earth is only land). This planet is the only known world that is the home to life. The
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Its diameter is 86,881 miles (139,822 km), an orbit of 11.9 Earth years and it has a full day that lasts 9.8 earth hours.
Saturn: This planet is known for its ring, the rig is made of ice and rock. The gases that are in the atmosphere of this planet are hydrogen and helium. Its diameter is 74,900 miles (120,500 km), an orbit is 29.5 earth days with a full day lasting 10.5 earth hours.
Uranus: This planet orbits on its side. This planet is basically the same size as Neptune. The blue green tint is produced by the gas methane in the atmosphere. Its diameter is 31,763 miles (51,120km), an orbit is 84 earth days and the planets full day lasts 18 earth hours.
Neptune: This planet is known for its winds being faster than sound. Neptune is the furthest planet which helps it to have a cold temperature. The sun is 30x as far as way from Neptune than it from Earth. Its diameter is 30,775 miles (49,530 km); an orbit is 165 earth years and Neptune’s full day lasts 19 earth hours.
Pluto (Dwarf Planet): This ‘planet’ is smaller than Earth’s moon. Pluto is a cold rocky planet. Pluto’s status was once a planet but recently it was relegated to a dwarf planet. Its diameter is 1,430 miles (2,301 km), it has an orbit of 248 earth years and Pluto’s full day lasts 6.4 earth days. (This link shows where I got the facts and figures from about the descriptions of the planets).
Fig 1 is our universe, as you can see;
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