The Planet Of The Sun

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Past the pale blue skies and fluffy white clouds are the brilliantly bright stars in an amazing place called Outer Space. Countless stars, galaxies, and planets drift off into the vast area known as the Universe. Each tiny speck of light out in the distance could be a galaxy, or maybe even planets. Truly, the Universe is huge, holding every wonder in existence. In this Universe, though, was a little gathering of planets, known as the Solar System. In the Solar System, were two planets. One was a very big one, one bigger than the sun. It was a very beautiful golden yellow planet, who shined brighter than the sun it revolved around. This planet was named Child of the Sun, because it shined so bright. The second planet in the Solar…show more content…
Finally, the idea came to them! Easily Child of the Sun could break out of orbit in the Solar System and travel to distant lands; they could meet new planets and swallow them right up until they were the biggest planet! Sure they would have to leave Small Blue One behind, but they were sure that Small Blue One would be fine. The only catch was that Child of the Sun had to come up with a good excuse of why they would have to leave Little Blue One all by themself in the Solar System. “Small Blue One,” Child of the Sun spoke up with a voice just as smooth as the golden color on its surface. “Yes, Child of the Sun?” Small Blue One answered happily while gazing up at the golden giant in wonder, just like they did every day. “I have been thinking long, and I have been thinking hard, Small Blue One,” Child of the Sun explained gracefully. “And I have come to the conclusion that I wish to travel throughout the Universe. It will be a long, dangerous, and daring trip, but I have decided that it will be worth seeing all of the wonderful things out there.” Child of the Sun paused for a moment as they waited for Small Blue One to answer them. Sure enough, after a few moments of waiting, a very nervous voice came from the small, ocean blue planet. “Oh, travel across the Universe? Are you asking me to accompany you along this dangerous and long trip, Child of the Sun?” Small Blue One questioned while trying to keep the terror out of their
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