The Planners by Boey Kim Cheng

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The Planners Boey Kim Cheng Andrew Annear and Edward Scrimgeour Biographical details • Boey Kim Cheng was born in Singapore in 1965. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees in English Literature from the National University of Singapore. • Worked for some time in America as a probation officer • Disillusioned with the state of literary and cultural politics in Singapore, Boey left for Sydney with his wife in 1996. • in Australia, Boey completed his Ph.D. studies with the University of Macquarie. Boey is currently an Australian citizen and teaches creative writing at the University of Newcastle. Literary History • In 1987, Boey won first prize at the National University of Singapore Poetry Competition…show more content…
“permutations” can be seen to offer many options or seen as confined compared to infinite arrangements in nature. “gridded” describes the layout as well of implying that creativity is confined, boxed in. • Planning is seen as a way of shutting out nature attempting to remove the uncertainty it brings. “the sea draws back and the skies surrender.” can be viewed with a touch of irony implying that nature is afraid of human expansion, giving it an attribute nature can not/does not possess. • Describes what the planners do. Giving the image of everything in prefect order “meet at desired points” • The author excludes himself, from the planners through repeating “they” (twice) although every person plays their role in the collective city. This also views them objectively making them appear harsh, thinking and organised, but without love or compassion. • Alliteration: “skies surrender Analysis-Stanza Two • Imagery of dentistry, an exact science. “dental dexterity”, “gaps are plugged with gleaming gold”, “wears perfect rows of shining teeth” • The dentist imagery moves onto “anaesthesia” and the numbing of pain associated with dentistry • “drilling” can provide a link between the metaphor and the actual actions of the planners. • Moves away from describing the planners goals, and more towards how they are viewed. • Alliteration: “dental dexterity” “gleaming gold” • “They have it all so
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