The Planning Function of Management at British Petroleum

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BP organization direction Planning function of management British Petroleum (BP) has had their key successes from the various strategies and goals that the organization has which include the company's technology transformation and alignment of objectives to the analysis of its competitors and market conditions. This is what has helped to make BP a successful company. The company believes that the essence of its survival is its ability to gain strategic and competitive advantage which has helped them to differentiate themselves from the competition and to serve their customers in a more superior manner. With the advancements in technology, the company has embraced developments in their IT infrastructure which has been a key driver to their growth and has enabled the company to run its processes in an efficient and effective manner. The company is involved in business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) markets and has a strong customer based in 70 countries. The company has an upstream and downstream model which makes it run its core operations such as exploration of oil, its production and processing in an upstream model while oil refining, marketing and distribution are conducted with a downstream model. The company then uses a vertical-integration style of management to create a bridge between the upstream model and downstream model(Honnungar, 2011). BP uses a planning process that helps it to ensure its activities and processes are in line with their

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