The Plant Manager: Performance Appraisal

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Previous rating scales that the manager used focused on personal characteristics and relationships with co-workers which would give the employee in this case a low rating overlooking his many other arguably more - significant points. The manager, therefore, is considering using the 360-degree evaluation method, which incorporates feedback from the worker, his/her peers, superiors, subordinates, and customers. Many find the method helpful in that it provides feedback from multiple areas. The method, however, has its drawbacks in that:

feedback from some sources can be biased
Feedback may be disconnected from organizational goals and values the manager, for instance, may not be concerned that the employee is an introvert nor has poor relationships with the others. All he is concerned about is the quality of the engineer's work which the 360 tool may provide a distorted response to. The feedback of the evaluation tool therefore may be irrelevant to eh organization's needs
The evaluation tool may only demotivate workers (in this case the engineer) since it is time-consuming to apply and provides irrelevant, sometimes unnecessarily hurtful results (Linman, T)
All of these instances exist here since co-worker bias…

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