The Plastic And Decker Who Specializes 's Power Tools, Hardware, And Home Improvement Products Essay

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Introduction: The manufacturer of our juicer is Black & Decker who specializes in power tools, hardware, and home improvement products. Our product is a home improvement device used to make fresh citrus juice. Possible improvements that were voiced by customers was the need for a lock to secure the lid and an easier reverse mechanism when the juicer auto-reverses. Whenever customers poured juice, they would run the risk of the lid flying off. It was easy to use and to make juice. The pulp control was effective in keeping out most of the pulp. However, even when testing the juicer, ourselves, we noticed the lid slipping off. Our team decided we will redesign the product to prevent the lid from coming off easily. We took apart the juicer, labeling each part with tape and its order number. As we did this, we transferred this information into our juicer’s Bill of Materials. We were able to see many functions and subfunctions in our application as we took it apart. We made a flowchart, showing these main functions of the juicer. Our juicer, prevents pulp from seeping into the juice, holds the juice in a container, and rotates to extract as much juice as possible. To make the necessary modification, first we came up with many possible alternate ideas and narrowed them down to four. We proceeded to make a Paul & Beitz matrix, deciding on criteria and ranking each alternate design. We completed our evaluation and had an alternate design chosen. To redesign our product, we needed
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