The Plastic Bottles And Its Effects On The Environment

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Dear customers, We would like to introduce you our new product, which is a handmade hourglass. Our new product can be used as a toy, or an amazing decoration. We believe that our cute hourglasses will bring you much happiness. General Economic Sustainability Issue Nowadays, plastics can be seen almost everywhere in people’s daily life, such as plastic water bottles, plastic bags and decorations. It is true that plastics have made people’s life a lot easier. However, the overuse of plastic may cause huge problems, which is mainly plastic pollution. Negative Externalities People are consuming a large amount of bottled water. The plastic bottles will cause air pollution, land pollution and groundwater pollution. It is easy for the plastic waste to react with water in landfills. As a result, toxic chemicals will be formed and it will continue polluting the water. Also, burning plastic in the open air will lead to air pollution. Throwing away the plastic bottles will create a lot of trash. Even though plastic drinking bottles are recyclable, most end up in landfills or as litter. This will impact society as the government must hire people to deal with the landfills and the plastic pollution. It is going to increase the government’s expense. The plastic pollution has negative impact on human health. Plastic bottles contain BPA, which is hazardous to human health. It has been strongly linked to some health problems including certain types of cancer,
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