The Play A Big Part Of Deciding If You Hate It

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It just amazes me that many literature works have natural reactions and emotions to certain circumstances no matter what day in age it is or how fictional the work is. Such as the mother’s wanting the best for their children no matter what it takes or what the consequences are. The violence, grief, and even revenge is really descriptive and touching depending on the circumstances. Even the settings of these stories really help set the mood which in turn helps the reader to imagine the story in their head as if it is real life. The many different emotions depicted in these stories draw the reader into what they are reading because there is at least one emotion that the reader can relate to. Both the setting of the stories and the morals in the stories play a big part in deciding if you enjoy the story or if you hate it. Many people will not enjoy a book that does not have the same morals that they abide by because in most cases it makes them uncomfortable. If the reader does not like the setting of the story it is very hard for them to really get into the story and imagine what is going on. All of these factors are in my opinion what make a story great. First, the most memorable people in Beowulf and in Hamlet are Grendel’s mother and Hamlet. I admire Grendel’s mother because she got revenge on the person who killed her son even though her son was evil and committed many sins. Grendel’s mother was stricken with grief which made her very violent. No matter who stood in her way

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