The Play 'Beauty And The Beast' By James Clemens

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The James Clemens theater production, “Beauty and the Beast,” was an overall decent play, that had a lot of energy and very eventful. There were some faults due to lack of detail, set visual, and technical issues, such as audio. There were also great aspects of the play such as the actors, costumes, and special effects. The audience could easily tell the microphones would cut off and on, and It was very hard to ignore. Belle’s doorway to her house did not look realistic, you could easily tell the door was flimsy and seemed like It was made out of cardboard. The costumes were great, I really loved Belle’s yellow dress, It had a tremendous amount of detail. Meanwhile, the Beast’s costume was not the best costume In the play, The costume looked…show more content…
Including kids in the show was a great touch, It made the village look lively. Other than Belle’s home looking flimsy, The set was great, The gigantic painting of the beast made the Beast’s castle look elegant, appealing, and realistic. In the West Wing, I thought the bookcase and the magic rose made the entire play come together really well. I could tell the director put a lot of effort into the acting, and emotion that was exhorted to the crowd. The technical director’s work was very noticeable and I really enjoyed noticing It. The lighting was fantastic and you could tell there was a lot of effort and time put into It. The lighting in the “Mob Song” was really nice, with the flashing…show more content…
The screams in that scene really made the whole scene come together. The forest scene was really beautiful and my favorite scene with the lighting. The flashes of blue, pink, and purple made the set look appealing. The song “Be our Guest” was a really energetic part of the play, each actor brought a positive energy to the audience. Overall the lighting was fantastic and I could tell the technical director put a lot of effort into it. Hair and Makeup, I thought Madame De La Bouche had the best hair and makeup, including the white wig. The makeup made the actress stand out and It almost looked real, but it really made the costume come together. The actors also did a really good job In playing their part, I felt like Belle had a good connection with her father. I also felt like chip and Mrs Potts had a good relationship The dancers brought energy to some parts of the play, but I felt like It was a little extra and not needed. I just felt like It was a little extra. The part with the most emotion was when Gaston killed the Beast, I felt most involved in that scene, and It was really depressing but full of
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