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Ana analysis of the play Heartbreaker Name Institution Date Introduction The play Heartbreaker is a fictitious story done by Michael Golamco. It features two main characters, Vithy, who is a sixteen year old teenager and her elder sister Ra who is aged twenty two years. The play takes place in a solemn setting down in a small apartment bedroom. The room does not contain a lot of things; it is empty except for some few basic properties that make a bedroom. They events of the play take place at Long Beach in the California region. Michael Golamco has used the story in bringing out loneliness as a theme in the play and its consecutive results in the people affected by it. The play has some points as its plot develops where the…show more content…
He objects to this suggestion as he keeps persisting to his sister for her to allow him to go with her. Her sister is still defensive, rigid and seems like she is not feeling the plea her brother was making as she indirect objects his plea by citing a reason that she has a small place in back in Berkeley. It is one room with just a hot plate. Also, the fact that “… Glen had parked his stuffs in the station”, was another of the reasons his sister was giving in order to convince him to stay with their aunt. This did not sound as a good idea for Vuthy, to him; there was no reason that substantiated his staying around with their aunt. He saw all attempts as avenues of leaving him lonely again, which on realizing this, he fought as much as he could in order to avoid this. The theme of loneliness is also featured when their mother left them. She died some time back when Vuthy was still young. In her words, Ra expresses the reason why she died. She claims that Vuthy made their mother sick through “… being weird for not having friends” (Burroway, 2011). Therefore, she became sick because of that. Here, Vuthy is portrayed to be a Loney fellow, according to his sister, she is weird in her lonely nature. A nature that does not allow him to have friends. Though she knew that her brother had friends, Vuthy confesses that they all left and he is now alone with no one close to him. This has made him equally

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