The Play That I Attended Was Rabbit Hole

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The name of the play that I attended was Rabbit Hole. The play was written by David Lindsey-Abaire and was directed by Richard Nimke. This production was performed at the Riverside Theatre on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. This play is set in the modern era and is a drama. The major theme of this play highlights the difficulties of losing a loved one, while the minor theme is ______. The protagonist of the play was named Becca Corbett, a mother and wife who recently went through the dramatic death of her son, Danny. As one might expect, her fatal flaw is not being able to let go of her son’s death. There were multiple protagonists in this play, despite the limited number of actors. The first and most prevalent antagonist is Becca’s husband, Howie Corbett. Howie creates conflict with Becca early on by trying to seduce her. This causes a major argument between the two and actually moves them farther apart in their road to recovery. Both characters dealt with the grieving process in their own way, which caused a great deal of tension. The second antagonist is Becca’s sister, Izzy, who creates tension with Becca after telling her that she is pregnant. Izzy’s future child is a gateway to memories of Becca’s past, which she had a difficult time dealing with. Finally, the last antagonist that appears in this production is life itself. Everywhere she looks, everywhere she goes, and Becca is reminded of her son. During the opening scene the table is set for
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