The Play ' Whose Life Is It Anyway By Brian Clark

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The play “Whose Life is it Anyway”, written by Brian Clark was premiered in 1978 is predominately based around a controversial topic, which is still highly discussed nowadays: euthanasia. The centre of the main debate examines the question whether or not euthanasia should be legalised and also establishes the patient’s autonomy and doctors’ guidelines.

Patient autonomy is the right of the patient to determine their own health treatment. Therefore, the doctors are required to be good communicators and, if necessary, they need to accept the patient’s decision. The story centres around Ken Harrison, a victim of a car accident, which resulted in a complete paralysis and additionally a change of his life. Although he desires to
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That took a load off my mind… I barely remember him…. I believe he was around 30, permanently paralysed with no way of future changes. I remember I was supposed to represent his insurance company. The nurse told me he wants to sort out his compensation - poor guy!! Anyway, I have to prepare the paperwork for Friday….

Friday, 18th April 1978

Dear Diary,
The last couple of days were engulfed by my new case. Nothing intriguing, just paperwork. I was so engaged, I couldn’t even converse with my wife...!
After having prepared the documents, I went to the hospital. But then got told his real intention of calling. All the work I’ve done was futile! Finishing the compensation! His desire is leaving the hospital against medical advice. He would rather die than live in his physically helpless state. I was taken by surprise!!!
His only problem are the doctors. As he pleaded, I went to Dr Emerson, absolutely shocked. He classifies Ken as incapable of making rational decisions due to depression.
But: I sympathise with him, the most passionate man I have ever seen. He adored his life, his job, but his future is hopeless: lying in a hospital bed. I couldn’t cope with his physical state!!! He was one of the best sculptors in England, but he cannot sculpt anymore. The worst thing, for him: he was a free man before the accident. Only medical equipment is keeping him alive...

However, I hate being responsible for his death. I spent one day with him and
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