The Playing Days Of Lou Gehrig

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The Playing Days of Lou Gehrig Baseball is a poor man’s sport, easy to play and addicting to watch. During the days of Lou Gehrig, whenever there was a baseball game, people usually forgot their worries that day and went to watch their heroes play. 1n 1917, the Americans declared war on Germany. “Even in America’s ballparks, German immigrants sought to distance themselves from their native land” (Eig, 19). In a world of insecurity caused by the jeopardy of war and an ongoing economic depression, Lou Gehrig signified a show of pride and confidence until Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis put an abrupt end to his playing days. When it comes to baseball, there have been a few high caliber players who become American icons. Lou Gehrig became that icon of the era in which he thrived. While he spent much of his career in the shadow of his mentor and teammate Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig would eventually emerge from Ruth’s shadow and represent the values of the 1930’s. During Lou Gehrig’s era baseball served as a distraction from the adversity of the world war and the depression. In the 1920s, America ended World War I with a bodacious force not to be ignored with. The Roaring Twenties, was an era when America accomplished immense economic development. The stock market soared as the citizens of the United States hastily purchased goods on credit. As a result of the admirable twentieth century, hours were lower and wages were higher. The average person had more money to spend leaving
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