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INTEGRATIVE CASE 7.0 The Plaza Inn OVERVIEW David Bart, General Manager of the Plaza Inn, received a letter from the hotel association of which the Plaza Inn was a member. The letter stated that the hotel’s service levels did not measure up and that the front desk and reservations, two critical departments, received the worst ratings among all of the association’s properties. Unless the management of the Plaza Inn could submit a plan for guest service improvement and pass the next inspection scheduled in six months, its membership would be rescinded. In fact, at the Plaza Inn, the inability to efficiently expedite phone calls and respond to guest needs was troubling to Bart, not only from a guest service perspective, but also…show more content…
Plaza Inn employees would be encouraged to resolve problems by working with one another and with customers. 2. How could the Plaza Inn develop a collaborative strategy? The Plaza Inn is a traditional organization designed for efficient performance, and strategy is formulated by top managers like David Bart and imposed on the organization. For example, Bart decide how the Plaza Inn can best respond to competitors like the new Ritz-Carlton, efficiently use resources, and cope with environmental changes. However, if the Plaza Inn becomes a learning organization, the actions of its informed and empowered workforce would contribute to strategy development. Since the Plaza Inn’s employees are in touch with customers, suppliers, and new technology, they are best suited to identify needs and solutions for strategy making. In addition, the Plaza Inn strategy could emerge from partnerships with suppliers and customers. 3. How could technology help solve the problems at the front desk? The front desk receptionist provides guest service, answers the phone, takes messages, and books reservations. The sales office is not connected to the computerized Property Management System (PMS). Bart believes that the front desk should perform a central function in the operation of the Inn. Rather than computerize the housekeeping, sales and catering departments, and train the managers to utilize the

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