The Plea Bargain Essay

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The plea bargain, a familiar term to most Americans. It is a procedure that for many years I associated with offering flexibility and rights citizens guilty of crimes. I thought of it as a way to implement justice with compassion. My opinion changed after seeing the impact of a plea bargain on the victims family member, who is a close friend of mine. This opinion was further solidified with watching the YouTube video, Ritter plea bargain. With research I continue to find prejudice, racism, injustice, and the unconstitutional implementation of plea bargains. This paper aims to explain what the plea bargain is. To discuss how plea bargains are desideratum for the United States judicial system. To examine a few of the misappropriations and…show more content…
This is not binding to the judge. A judge is not required to follow the suggestion for dropping charges or reduced sentencing. The defendant can admit their guilt and forfeit their right to a trial aiming to achieve reduced charges and still end up with the maximum charges for their case. Now continuing with the nature and current use of plea bargains, you must insert the human factor into the equation. Human nature is simple, we mess up. Also, sometimes we are corrupt, we bend the rules, and there are times that we are ruled by our emotions. In some cases individuals were simply not given proper legal advice (Gavett, 2011). Another variable, that is very dependent on the human factor, is fear. An innocent person may admit guilt to a crime, even if they are innocent, if they are afraid. An example would be Erma Faye Stewart, who plead guilty to drug charges she was innocent of. However, because there was an informant who was lying about her involvement, she plead guilty to charges (Gavett, 2011). Why did she do this? The reason is simple, she is a mother of two children. Going to trial was risking a prison sentence and any mother would take whatever agreement that allows her to stay with her children. She took the plea bargain which included 10 years of probation.(Philip, 2004) So, why is this such an injustice? She didn't go to prison so what if she's on probation? Other than the injustice of feeling as though her only option
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