The Plight Of Low Income Individuals And Their Families

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Saul Alvarez English 101 The Plight of Low Income Individuals and Their Families According to the PRB article “U.S. Low-Income Working Families Increasing”, 42.7% of people live below the poverty line, with 32.1% of them living 200% below the poverty line; this group is categorized as the low-income group.(PRB) 59% of low income working families have one or more minority parents. Living in a low-income community limits one’s standard of living through academic gaps, the selection of food available, an ever-present fear of victimization , and a lack of resources available to both children and adults. The differences in academic gaps between children and teenagers from low-income neighborhoods and affluent neighborhoods present themselves in the schools the students attend. A study by the Department of Education showed that students in low-income areas did not have access to the same rigorous courses, and when they did, the resources available to the low-income students was lacking compared to the resources the students in high income neighborhoods had access to. In the low-income areas black and Hispanic students were twice as likely to have teachers with less experience, with one or two years in the profession, compared to schools in affluent neighborhoods with well-to-do white students. Another thing increasing the academic gap is that only 22 percent of local districts reported offering pre-kindergarten or other early learning programs for low-income children.

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