The Pluralist Theory of Democracy

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Discuss the pluralist theory of democracy, and its criticisms. – Pluralist theory of democracy is made up of many groups, some of them are, labor unions, businesses, nonprofits, religions, and ethnic groups. The groups bargain between themselves alongside with government organizations. Every group has a different amount of power than the other but they the more powerful groups do not always get their way simply due to power. “To gain their goals, the group must bargain with each other. Within this bargaining process, the government, though it may have its own interests, acts essentially as a referee and scorekeeper.”(Pluralism p. 264). Pluralism as a whole is complex, bargaining amongst these groups are made up of many compromises which allow each group to have certain amount of power to essentially keep everyone happy and conclude the best possible outcome. Although pluralism is good in many ways, it also has many criticisms’. Some believe it is just a game of politics and many believe it is just another way for politics to get their way, or even balance out the groups within them. Many have their opinions; I believe pluralism is a great thing. I am grateful we have groups in the US who are proposing acts and goals to better the citizens here in America. Discuss the elitist theory of democracy, and its criticisms. – The elitist theory of democracy is made up of rich and wealthy. The members of this group are very high ranked officials of corporations and
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