The Poaching Of Animals And The Subsequent Trading Of Illegal Animals

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The poaching of animals and the subsequent trading of illegal animal products are issues that have been prevalent in the media and environmental groups for quite some time. Although one may assume that poaching has declined in recent years due to an increase in overall global awareness, it nevertheless continues to be a pressing concern. A study performed by the Minister of Environmental Affairs for South Africa found that 2015 was the deadliest year for rhinos in decades, with 1,305 killed (Minister Edna Molewa, 2016). One environmental group that works to prevent poaching is the World Wildlife Fund, or WWF. The WWF is particularly known for their powerful advertisements that address issues such as poaching, an example of which can be…show more content…
It is also essential to define and differentiate the terms “animal poaching” and “illegal animal trade.” Animal poaching can best be understood as the unlawful taking or killing of animals, and illegal animal trade is a business that is dependent on animal poaching, which consists of using poached animals to make various profitable products such as food, leather goods, medicine, and miscellaneous souvenirs (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service). The history of animal poaching goes back to the beginnings of what could be considered modern society. Up until the twentieth century, poaching was a way for impoverished lower classes to make up for the inadequate amounts of food that they could afford, and was eventually made illegal in order to reserve hunting as an activity exclusive to the upper class (Encyclopedia Brittanica). Once the field of wildlife conservation began to gain influence in the 1900s, nations across the globe began implementing acts to prevent harmful practices from continuing (Shadow). Despite government involvement, poaching has continued into the present day due to the high value of items such as ivory and rhino horns (Lawson & Vines, 5). It is with the knowledge of these definitions and the long history of animal poaching that the World Wildlife Foundation developed this advertising campaign. There are multiple components that make up the advertisement under analysis here stand out, one being the setting

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