The Poaching Of The Sub Saharan Africa

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The Poaching of Animals in Sub-Saharan Africa and its Effects on the Locals and the Economy Introduction Topic: The poaching of animals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Thesis: The illegal activity of killing animals in Sub-Saharan Africa has caused many short and long terms affects for this continent. Importance: This is important because poaching has affected the local people, the environment, and the economy and will continue for future generations. Topic Sentence: Trafficking animals in Sub-Saharan Africa has greatly affected the locals, the environment, and the economy. II. First Chunk Claim 1: The poaching of one species to extinction takes a tole on the environment. Summarize: The result of one species extinction could potentially be fatal to the environment. In the animal kingdom, there is a food chain. Keystone animals, are the key ingredient to the food chain. When that keystone animals goes extinct, it sets off a chain reaction on the other animal’s food source. This causes one species to flourish and another to dwindle. The environment needs a healthy checks and balance system to keep each animal population under control (Stuart, 1990 ). Humans can cause the keystone animal to become extinct and therefore, responsible for rise and decline of other species, ultimately, throwing the food chain off balance. Warrant: Humans believe they have authority over the animal kingdom. This means that mankind tries to control what is going in the environment.
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