The Podcast For Today Is Sponsored By The Chief Rabbinate Of Israel

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Sponsor: Ann
Anchor 1: Srinidhi
Anchor 2: Meenakshi
Scholar: Ann
Advertisements: Srinidhi
PSA reciter: Ann
--Dreidel, dreidel 20 sec--
Sponsor: The podcast for today is sponsored by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
A1: Hello. This is Srinidhi!
A2: This is Meenakshi! And today we are going to talk about Judaism. Hey Srinidhi, do you know what today is?
A1: Yes! Today’s segment is a special in celebration of Rosh Hashanah. If you didn’t know already, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Many people celebrate it by spending the whole day in the synagogue in prayer.
A2: You got that right! Well, we have a scholar from the Association for Jewish Studies to tell us about Judaism and the speciality of this day!
Scholar: Good morning! Thank you for having me!
A2: No, thank you for coming. We have a couple of questions for you about Judaism. So, who founded Judaism? I’ve heard that it was Abraham, but I always get confused because he is also mentioned in the Bible and Quran.
Scholar: Yep Abraham is the patriarch of Judaism, one of the oldest monotheistic religions. And like you said, he is mentioned in Islam and Christianity, but Abraham is considered the founder and one of the most essential people in Judaism (Nadell and Gordon).
A2: So what exactly do Jews believe in? What are the central principles of Judaism? What makes this religion different from others?
Scholar: So Judaism is the philosophical and historical base for many of the world’s most widespread religions such…

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