The Podcast Is An Example Of Mobile Learning ( M Learning )

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The podcast is an example of mobile learning (m-learning). The online encyclopedia «Britannica» describes mobile learning as one of the types of e-learning in which the student is not tied to a single fixed location; if desired, it can take advantage of educational materials is the usual educational space (the audience), and without using a computer (Berg, 2014). The issue of podcast usage in education is approached from the two controversial points of view.
Opponents of the podcasts usage state the following drawbacks such as high costs of the special computer labs equipment, software, training of teachers and students in order to make them able to use these programs; lack of direct interaction; possible problems with the access to the site; the possible delay in the appearance of a podcast on the site; the time required to download and listen to a podcast; alleged decline in attendance of lectures. In addition, lack of nonverbal communication, in other words, professors are unable to see the nonverbal responses provided by the student (International Society for Technology in Education, 2009).
Podcasts can become a useful tool for people with different learning styles (Hsu, 2007), and especially for those who are used to study 'on the go '. Moreover, for some students, there is a need for repeated listening or reading lectures to better understand the learning material or detail to remember what was discussed in the previous lesson, as well as in preparing for the exam.…

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