The Podcast Is Human Being

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The main topic of the podcast is human being is probably the only animal that thinks about the future and usually that thinking is taken underestimated. The interviewee in the podcast argues that we often think about future as if it would not be so different from the present. However, this assumption generally turns out to be wrong: people would say this year has been a disaster with horrible events happened to them, but then last if they asked the same question, they may end up saying it was not good but it was not that bad either. The interviewee asserted that this happens because we, human beings, rationalize the things that we experience or encounter in order to cope with them better. He also mentions that the equation of ‘more freedom equals more happiness’ may not be true. This has been proved by the study of two groups: one group with irreversible choice while another group has an option to change their decision later. Needless to say, our general assumption would be the latter group will be happier with their option. However, the result comes out exactly the opposite: because the former group has rationalized their choice without needs to compare other options that they do not have. This leads the former group to be more satisfied with when they have chosen. He also reported that people tend to rely on other people’s experiences an opinions when there are not much information on specific topic they are looking for, and this is why the app such as Yelp is popular
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