The Poem By Billy Collins

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The poem “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins, is about a teacher explaining to her students how to read and analyze poetry. Collins employs an abundance of figurative language, especially metaphors and images, to express the progressive steps taken to understand a poem for all that it encompasses. When beginning to read a poem, first we must look at the bigger picture, like we are working from the outside of the poem to the inside. Once we begin to understand the storyline, we must dive further into the poem, and analyze the types of words being used.. We further investigate by putting ourselves in the poem. Then, after having looked at the poem from the inside, we must reread it to realign with the big picture. By using metaphors, imagery, and syntax, Collins demonstrates how to analyze a poem. In an “Introduction to Poetry,” the teacher instructs the students to interpret the poem through close reading, showing them how to draw conclusions about the main idea. However, the poem is too complex and too difficult for the students to comprehend reading. The first stanzas of the poem tell the students to look at the bigger picture or key topic in the poem. By taking apart each metaphor, the students can uncover what the teacher is trying to instruct, and are able to understand how to read poetry for a full interpretation. In the first simile, the poem is the tenor, or the subject, and the color slide is the vehicle which elaborates a comparison. The color slide is a
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