The Poem ' Caged Bird '

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Lesson Construction Template ELA8_SB_U6_L7_LC Introduction and Objective If you were asked to formally discuss this excerpt from “Caged Bird,” what might you say about this poem? Does the poem follow conventions? Would it be considered a sonnet? Is there a rhyme scheme? Does it use a specific meter? Today, we’re going to look at discussing poetic conventions and examining how poems break conventions. Today 's lesson objective is: ➢ Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English when speaking based on grade 8 level and content. Lesson Skills Take a moment and think about this lesson’s learning objective. What skills will you need to be successful? Think about the term poetry. What are the key components of a poem? How can you effectively discuss the elements of a poem? How might a poet break established conventions? Why might a poet break established conventions? Open your digital notebook and jot down a few learning skills you might use to achieve these objectives. [DOK1: Form] In order to formally discuss poetry and examine how certain poetry breaks conventions, you first need to have a solid understanding of the basics. Regardless of rhyme scheme, stanzas, metrical pattern, etc., all poems can be categorized according to form or style. 1. Lyric

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