The Poem ' Grenade ' By Bruno Mars ' Album Doo Wops & Hooligans

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“Grenade” is a song from Bruno Mars’ album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. Which debuted in 2010. As you take a look at the album cover you see a man walking down an unoccupied and never-ending road. This shares a common theme with the song “Grenade,” with a guy feeling lonely and anguish. Mars’ song tells a tale about how he got heartbroken, by a girl that seemed to have never loved him. He sings about how he gave her his all but she do the same in return. It’s a heartbreak song that any young teen can relate to.
“Grenade” begins with, “Easy come, easy go, that 's just how you live oh,” really draws in the listeners, it’s a powerful opening line. It really brings home the main theme of the song. You can get caught up in the idea of love, but not realizing the “other half” of you is caught up in the same idea you are. The line, “Take, take, take it all, but you never give,” also points to the main theme. There are many people that have been through the same thing as the narrator of the song has. Both men and women sometimes are in a relationship thinking they are loved just as much as they love their significant other; when in reality they don’t love them at all. Being played has become a common idea in today’s society.
When you take a look at the line, "Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss," the two words, trouble and kiss, stand out. Normally you wouldn’t think of trouble and kiss to be in the same sentence. Trouble could stand for distress, difficulty and…

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