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The Vindication of the Rights of Man was Wollstonecraft’s first work and was written to respond to Reflections on the Revolution in France of Edmund Burke. Burke was a British writer who had impassionate dialogues on the French Revolution. His work fired up people like Wollstonecraft and Thomas Paine because of his beliefs that in order to revolutionize its traditions, citizens should not rebel against their government. Wollstonecraft acknowledges that reasons and rationality are based on the traditions, not the rights of people. One quote I liked which he states is, "... obeying a parent only on account of his being a parent, shackles the mind, and prepares it for a slavish submission to any power but reason,” (Wollstonecraft 153). What I think Wollstonecraft is saying is that parents are a big deal for children. Children when their young will obey whatever their parents command as a matter of power will make them obey them when they are getting older and older even until it’s time to actual make decisions for yourself. The way it should happen is parents should show that the power they have over their children is based upon their good value and better effect of reason (based upon their virtue and superior exercise of reason). Children should learn to only obey their parents to observe that their superiors are balanced and proficient human beings. Wollstonecraft talks more about how parents are a duty for men and women, but women are more responsible for breast feeding and
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