The Poem “Saturdays Child”, Written By Countee Cullen,

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The poem “Saturdays Child”, written by Countee Cullen, is about how a man was born on a Saturday, and he is comparing his life to a life belonging to a more “privileged” child. The more privileged child is considered White in this poem. During the early 1900’s, there was a lot of boycotting services in the Black community and rioting for equal rights. Along with boycotting and rioting, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) revived itself in 1919, and there was only about 10% of the U.S. population that was Black. Saturday’s Child uses the author, a Black man, as the speaker, him being born, and his life after being born as the dramatic situation, and a distressed/ hardship tone, all to say that Black were less fortunate than the Whites in this time…show more content…
When the author puts in the words implements for battle, that makes me think that the speaker of the poem must have a specific tool or equipment that will help him win the battle in his life. He was not given an instrument to use for battles, and so he was forced to make his own out of what he already had (his body parts). Secondly, the speaker of the poem can be described as underprivileged, and this is shown throughout the entire poem. For example, line 1 of the poem it states "some are teethed on a silver spoon” and line 5 it states "some are swaddled in silk and down”. This shows that the speaker is not the same as the person who is teethed on a silver spoon or cared for very carefully. This inclusion also shows that the speaker was not born into a wealthy family and so the speaker must fight for what they need pertaining to themselves and the family. Lastly, the speaker of the poem "Saturday 's Child” is impregnable. The speaker is impregnable because even though he was born into poverty he did not experience will be living, and his father always talk down on him, the speaker knew that he was not considered wealthy. In lines 14-16, the other includes "Bad time for planning a seed, was

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