The Poem ' The Refuge '

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THE REFUGE There were, are, and will be the great title winner in this world. In those title, there were, are, and will be looser. This is funny to say that I was, I am, and and will be great title winner, where nobody loose but I the winner always win. You may think I am dumb and talk about I am being winner is dumbest thing I have ever talk. You can call me whatever you can because I was born with great title that few people in this world had, have, and will have. The title that might get you to know what is that. Let 's talk about Bhutan. I think everybody know that country Bhutan that is known as “World 's Happiest Country in The Earth.” Imagining that is beginning beautiful. The country is beautiful due to the bloods and sweet of my grandparents, and parents. Country that called every country 's people to come and learn about good things on “Happiness.” You know how well know Bhutan was. On the other part there was m,e a kids who know that happiness was not becoming happy. In my mind happiness was living in the struggle life. Struggle life that food aren’t enough to eat. Education isn’t good and proper. Where there is no hope and life is more worst than prison life. Struggle life? You might tell me struggling isn’t happiness but I know that is happiness. That is happiness because my late father teach me that living in struggle is more happy than living in the place where you are like king. He always said that “if you don’t have enough food to eat, share
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