The Poems Of Andrea, Fra Lippo, And The Artistic Life At The Zenith Of Its Fame

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Browning’s intellectual curiosity and vivid interest in men were allied with a singular aloofness from the movements and revolutions of his time. Browning’s mind was impervious to doubt, and his confidence in the value of life was constitutionally unshakable, “it means intensely, and means good:”(Browning, Fra Lippo Lippi, line-314). His vision is so clear and comprehensive that he viewed his subject on numerous planes. He makes his readers see and understand each of his characters in their habit as they lived and thought and purposed. The poems of Andrea, Fra lippo are an epitome of the city’s artistic life at the zenith of its fame. Browning’s attitude towards Art follows certain characteristic. Firstly, he derives pleasures from every exercise of creative power like the swiftly emerging conception in Fra Lippo’s mind, Secondly; he maintains a consistent attitude towards both technique and connoisseurship. The faultless drawing of Andrea del Sarto. Simply betray the impotence when called upon exercise the crucial function of the artist. Duke of Ferrara is soundly equipped with critical taste and knowledge. But he toils not, neither does he spin; he contributes nothing; he is content with the mere pride of possession. Thirdly, creation, technique, is all of them of less significance to him than the soul of artist. This is partly because the artist is in many ways the symbolic figure of humane for him. In Fra Lippo Lippi and Andrea del Sarto he presents the

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