The Poems Of The Poem, Hymn Of Intellectual Beauty, By Percy Shelley

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Synthesis #2 Draft #1 The poems “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty” by Percy Shelley and “Ode to A Nightingale” by John Keats both discuss the topics of escaping reality and true beauty using visions of nature to express their views. Shelley, a well known atheist, finds religion in, what he calls, “spirit of beauty”. Once he makes this discovery, he is able to find a true understanding of the world around him. Keats lives his life in a state of depression, depending on the effects of alcohol to sooth his emotional pain. When he hears the nightingales beautiful song, he is able to find happiness and escape all worries. Both poems explore human’s perception of beauty and the effect that true beauty has on their lives. The poem contains various forms of imagery, personification and allusion to highlight beauty in nature and the effect that it has on the poet’s perceptions of the world. Humans views of beauty allow them to have a deeper understanding of the world by giving them a form of “belief”.excellent, great start The authors poems share a common theme through the use of nature to highlight the importance of beauty. Throughout the poems, Keats and Shelley use different forms of imagery to describe nature and emphasize the impact that beauty in nature has on their lives. Finding a source of beauty is helpful for those who suffer from depression by fulfilling them in a spiritual way. Keats describes his feeling of depression and wish for death throughout his poem. He does no’t
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