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The Poet The Poet is about a search for a serial killer that the FBI names “The Poet” due to this person’s signature of forcing the victims to write suicide notes in the form of a quote from Edgar Allen Poe. Jack McEvoy, a newspaper reporter from Denver, is the brother of a victim who was killed by the Poet. In an attempt to avenge his brother’s death McEvoy, and the FBI, form a nation-wide manhunt in search of this cunning illusive killer. The Poet begins with the Rocky Mountain Newspaper reporter Jack McEvoy being informed of his twin brother’s suicide. As two of the detectives from the Denver police department who also worked with Sean McEvoy in the Crimes Against Persons unit inform McEvoy of the incident, he immediately has…show more content…
The case apparently highly disturbed McEvoy, to the point of seeking therapeutic counsel. Mrs. McEvoy also noticed a different husband following his deep involvement in the Loftin case. Although the above factors played into the diagnosis of a suicide, the knowledge of Sean’s assertiveness, and determination contributed to Jack McEvoy’s discovery of the fallacy of the PD’s diagnosis. The facts leading up to the re-opening of the investigation of Sean McEvoy’s death, were determined by his brother Jack McEvoy, and had everything to do with the crime scene analysis. The car Sean was found in was his undercover police car. The car had security locks on the rear doors, and the procedure was to always keep the security locks engaged. If the officer takes a nonprisoner in the car they can always disengage the locks. Jack’s theory to prove that a killer was in the car with his brother was that the killer had disengaged the security locks, allowing him to hide and then escape out the rear doors. This theory proved true as Jack and a detective named Wex took another look at Sean’s car. Jack had another theory about how the words ‘Out of Space out of Time’ came to be written on the fogged windshield. Fog only occurs on the inside of cars when either people are talking or when it is cold outside and the heat is turned up. As Jack and Wex were reassessing the crime scene they also noticed that the heat was turned off, determining that two
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