The Poet Sarah Olds Writes Poetry That Is Very Descriptive

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The poet Sarah Olds writes poetry that is very descriptive and intense. She depicts events and occurrences that she has either experienced or seen in a very picturesque manner. A comparison will be made of two of her poems, “Still Life in Landscape” and “The Planned Child”. These two poems are very detailed and provide significant visual images to the reader. The themes of these poems are polar opposites of each other, almost exactly one hundred and eighty degree opposites. In “Still Life in Landscape” the reader gets a view from the front seat of the author’s family car. The reader experiences the effect and can visualize a woman hit and killed by a drunk driver, which is done using vivid imagery. The poem gives an explanation that…show more content…
Certain things are mentioned and things are described in a way that brings the poem into reality. In the poem “Still Life in Landscape” the author writes, “[it] was night, it had rained, there were pieces of cars and half-cars strewn, it was still, and bright” (Olds). This phase describes the lighting during the time of day in this poem. It also provides the reader with the weather condition. The phrase also gives vivid descriptions to things that were seen in the road, obviously after an accident involving a drunk driver. The author later states, “approached it out of neutral twilight, broken glass on wet black macadam” (Olds). This statement provides the setting necessary so the reader can visually see not just the lighting but also the conditions of the road surface. The author then states, “like an underlying midnight abristle with stars" (Olds). This phrase presents the reader with a visual representation of the night sky and the outer lying planets. It was dark outside and very late at night. The reader can mentally picture this dark night on this road where life ended for a woman. When looking at the poem “The Planned Child” visual descriptions are given that bring the setting in the poem into a visual reality for the reader. The author states, “she took the cardboards out of his shirts as if pulling the backbone up out of his body and made a chart of the month and put her temperature on it” (Olds). This sentence allows the reader to actually

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