The Poetic Experience Of Rite Of Spring

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The Poetic Experience of “Rite of Spring” Poetry provides an experience, no matter how the poet wishes to convey their message. Many poems have a clear rhyme while other poems ignore rhyme and instead focus the on structure or style, this is not the case for “Rite of Spring” by Seamus Heaney. “Rite of Spring” offers the reader the experience of rhyme and rhythm, with four lines rhyming and a rhythm that is noticeable throughout the entire poem. While rhyme is very important in the poem (as well as the rhythm), imagery is also important in “Rite of Spring”. In addition, rhyme, rhythm and imagery all help the personification in the poem become enhanced, which achieves an experience that leaves the reader satisfied with what they have read. Therefore, these elements of poetry are effectively used throughout the poem, and leave a lasting experience to the reader. In this essay, I will seek to prove that Rite of Spring provides an adequate use of poetic devices that adds to the overall experience of the poem. The first poetic device I noticed in “Rite of Spring” was the usage of rhyme. From the first stanza to the last, the poem has a rhyme scheme. It follows an end rhyme style, with the rhyme being at the end of a line. This allows for the experience of rhyme to be expected in each stanza. The first three stanzas follow a rhyme style in which the last two lines rhyme, seen in many modern and pre-modern poems. This rhyme has purpose throughout the poem, as the first three
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