The Poetry Of Children 's Poetry

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Poetry enchants and delights children of all ages, with its musical rhythms, playful imagery, and charming wordplay. There are millions of children’s poems compiled in every way imaginable. From the traditional Mother Goose nursery rhymes to the modern and innovative works of Shel Silverstein, children’s poetry has no lack of variation and novelty. They can have instructional value, like the rhymes used in classrooms and schoolbooks to teach letters and the months of the year, or read for pure enjoyment. The poems provided in this anthology were selected based on rhyme, rhythm, length, and effect. The works I referred to in order to create this small anthology, The Oxford Book of Children’s Verse in America and The Random House Book of Poetry for Children, contain hundreds of poems each; thus my collection represents a very small part of the world if children’s poetry. Due to the limitations of this work, I chose to divide the poems into three groups that represent common areas of children’s poetry. The poems were restricted on basis of length, as I did not want to include poems that are incredibly long or those that are incredibly short. I also chose to select only poems with credited authors, eliminating a good deal of nursery rhymes and older poems. My personal preferences shaded some of the selection, so poems I found dull or a bit too simple were not included; however, I tried to overlook my preference for fanciful poetry and fairy tales, choosing poems that are…

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