The Poetry Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Writing is like falling in love: at first it can be frightening, but then it blossoms into a life changing experience, colored with vulnerability and freedom. Writing is a very complex art, it is merely the act of placing words on paper, yet those words contain thoughts, and those thoughts feelings. Those feelings can create a beautiful work of art, but only if the writer is willing to let their deepest and darkest thoughts run wild. What influences a writer to create magnificent works of art, are tragedies, issues in society, and the hope of inspiring others.
Most writers are inspired to write through the most difficult times in their life. Authors often do this when their grief is too much to bear and they don’t know how to verbally
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Through the novel with its raw story-line, the readers can feel the horrible mistreatment of the Mexican immigrants, which ultimately inspires readers to want to do something to end the injustice. This was Boyle’s purpose of the book, he desired to open the eyes of those who may not have thought twice of struggling immigrants or those who viewed them in a negative light. Another author who was inspired by a societal issue, is Charlotte Perkin Gilman; Gilman, in her short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” writes an eerie and mind-twisting story about a young woman who was depressed and deprived of her freedom of expression, and therefore drives herself insane. Gilman, who herself was depressed, was inspired to create this dangerously good story to inform doctors that depriving women of expression, especially through such an illness, is simultaneously depriving them of a basic human need. Both Boyle and Gilman were influenced by society’s issues to create their works. Authors observe the problems in society and become passionate about them, and thus transform that passion into literature. Writers look beyond what is surrounding their personal lives, and are inspired to write and make a change in the world.
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