The Poetry of Mari Evans

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She is currently alive but not producing any new works. Raised in a very traditional African American family, her father was her greatest influence in her early writing. In the fourth grade, her father praised her for the stories she wrote in school. In her autobiographical essay, "My Father's Passage', she explains how he inspired her to continue writing. Her mother was not a major influence in her life, due to the fact she passed away when Mari was ten years old. Mari attended several public schools in Toledo, and eventually continued her education at the University of Toledo. At first, she pursued a degree in fashion design. That major did not appeal to her as much as she thought it would, thus, she turned her attention to poetry, as well as other forms of literature. Her professional writing career began when she started working as an assistant editor in a manufacturing firm where she produced her first personal volume Where Is All the Music? 1968. The poems in the volume cover all aspects of personal love affairs. Evan's academic career began in 1969. She did not finish her degree at University of Toledo, but he received an honorary degree from Marion College in 1975. She's had teaching appointments at Washington University, Cornell University, Miami University, and Spelman College. She was also an instructor in African American literature and writer in residence at Indiana…

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