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Literature possesses a multitude of forms similar to poetry. It adheres to the human emotion as well as the human senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Poems have the ability to express a story whether it be literal or metaphoric regardless of its length text wise. However, through the author’s use of imagery and diction, the reader is subject to envisioning and capturing the image purposefully being conveyed. In the eyes of renowned poet and essayist, including many other occupation titles, Octavio Paz states, “words refer to another word” (6), therefore stories are independent to their length. Based on Paz’s past history it is evident that he incorporates his experiences as the basis of the structure of his poems and stories. …show more content…
There is an enormous amount of fear at the thought of returning to his homeland. Although his heritage is kept sacred it does not signify that his life within Mexico was a resplendent one. The poem suggests the fear of death at any given moment and a land deprived of beauty and essence: “…in the bed of mirrors and in the bed of razors / in the sleepwalking sewers…The vegetation of disaster / ripens beneath the ground” (63-68). This indicates that Paz had a troubled childhood and at the time, the most he had was the essence of nature to worship. Judging by his background experiences it is evident that what he has encountered during his lifetime is the locus of most of his poems and stories. He relied on writing poetry for relief and wrote about nature in its rawest form through the use of animals, the environment and also human nature.
In Paz’s Piedra de Sol, Sunstone he utilizes nature to depict the Aztec sun stone and man’s idea of time itself. Everything in nature has a reason and ultimately one action leads to another is an idea expressed in Paz’s Sunstone: “…a single presence in a surge of waves, / wave after wave till it covers all, / a reign of green that knows no decline, / like the flash of wings unfolding in the sky…” (11-14). Paz truly uses nature to depict more than what the reader would expect such as human presence and intimacy: “I travel your body, like the world, / your belly is a plaza full of sun” (36-37). Directly stated is the interaction

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