The Poetry of Robert Frost Essay

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Have you ever looked outside your window and wondered what the world really means? Reading Robert Frost’s poetry you will be able to form your own opinion and thoughts about this pulchritudinous world. His poetry is so deep and meaningful you will be overwhelmed with what was going through this man’s head. Life is not paradisiacal, and this is something Robert Frost knew but his poetry gave insight to the people of his time and the generations to come. Although Robert Frost's life was far from perfect he was still an extraordinary person; his great inspirations, themes, and figurative language have won him many honors and awards thus creating one of the greatest American poets known to this day. Robert Frost went though a lump growing up…show more content…
Over the next decade life became more bothersome for Frost because he had a tremendous amount of jobs. Times were hard for Robert but he worked very hard to make due of what he had and did not complain of what he did not have. Frost life was filled with devastation and success all wrapped in one. His life was getting better when he met his soon to be wife Elinor White. Robert Frost and Elinor White married in 1895.(Barry ix). In 1899 the married couple moved to Derry, New Hampshire which is the state where he became a cobbler, farmer, and a teacher at Pinkerton Academy.(Barry ix). Frost and his wife had many children but sadly many of them did not live long enough to even see their teenage years.(Barry ix). His children went though some cataclysmic times, his son shot himself and his daughter was always very ill.(Bober 173). Whether his life was going marvelous or god-awful Frost still Gonzalez, Jones 3 managed to be a great friend, husband, and parent.(Burnshaw 458). Frost was making commendable career moves that no longer made him known as a farmer but as an auspicious poet. In 1912 he moved himself and his family to New England and even published his first book “A Boy’s Will”.(Barry xi). When Frost writes his poetry he talks about what he saw in the world or what was going on in his life.(Bober 10). Readers got to see a world in a uniquely explained way which was the way Frost

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