The Poetry of Sarah Kay

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Poets are all unique and they each have a different style of writing which sets them apart from other writers. They all use techniques to shape their poetry and many poets use similar and different techniques. Sarah Kay is spoken word poet who also writes her own poetry. In her poems she uses techniques such as imagery, anaphora and metaphors. Using these techniques along with others she is able to convert her message into poetry. “ I love hands like I love people. They are the maps and compasses with which we navigate our way through life. Some people read palms to tell you your future, but I read hands to tell your past. Each scar makes a story worth telling. Each callused palm, each cracked knuckle is a missed punch or years in a factory.”. The best thing about writings and poetry is that with words and imagination you can picture the image. The passage is from a poem full of imagery, “Hands.” This poem is about how hands, how they’re so different but then again the same. Hands are filled with love whether it’s from friends, families, lovers holding you close and tight in a simple hand hold. But how hands are also used for violence, war, threats. How hands are in someway more educated than a mind. They can play the piano, shoots some hoops, ride a bike. Touch and love. Imagery with words is a technique that I find beautiful. Instead of explaining something with a word or two, using a sentence or more to being a more vivid idea. “This is a poem about love, and
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