The Point Of Care Testing

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Point-of-care Testing (POCT) is defined as a quality medical technology that provide many more opportunities in diagnostic assays to be performed at the site of patient care provision (Collinson et al., 2015 & Wu, 2014). For these reasons, assays are performed in sites such as the emergency department (ED), community health centres, chest pain evaluation centre, and intensive care unit rather than in the laboratory remote to patient care. POCT allows more rapid clinical decision making by reducing the turnaround time spent in test ordering, collection of specimen, transport and data reporting essential in most clinical laboratories (Straface et al., 2008). A familiar POCT assay to both providers and patients, is the
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This paper is aimed to have the literature review in those cardiac markers used in POCT.
Useful of POCT can reduce turnaround times for cardiac markers, but the current devices are not as precise and more sensitive as central laboratory assays (Straface et al., 2008). For this reason, the gap is growing as manufacturers of an immunoassay have a release troponin assays that are even higher than those currently available (Eriksson et al., 2005). These medical assays have an analytical sensitivity that enables detection of nearly one hundredth percentage of all healthy subjects which is not possible for the current POCT assays (Straface et al., 2008). Relatively, a lower value for the 99th percentile of a healthy population is reflected in the use of high sensitivity troponin results (Barry et al., 2009) enables for the detection of more cases of myocardial injury. In order to strive analytically, POCT next generation assays will make technological advancements, such as the use of microfluidic to better control sample delivery (Barry et al., 2009). An advancements technology of nanoparticles is used to increase surface to volume rations for analyses and antibodies and innovative detection schemes such as an electrochemical detector to enhance analytical sensitivity (Apple et al., 2006). A multi-marker analysis using POCT is also
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