The Point Of Jesus By John 13

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In John 13, begins with Jesus has his last meal with all of His apostles. The point of Jesus in this teaching is that he knew who his true disciples were because they had placed all their love and faith in Him. During Jesus the last feast, He knew the devil had already fed his betrayer who was Judas Iscariot (John 13:2). Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist and filled water in the basin and He began washing His disciple’s feet (John 13:4-7). In Palestine, foot washing was very common because people wore sandals out in the street which were filthy, and filled with animals’ excrement (Duke, 1995). According to Duke, it was an honor to have guests and for them to feel valued by having slaves to wash their master’s guest’s feet (1995). Now, here is Jesus as a servant washing his apostles’ feet because that was His way of showing how much they meant to Him (Lett, 2016). His true apostles told Him, “You shall never wash my feet” yet, the opposite of what His betrayer asked Him, “Lord, do you wash my feet” (John 13:6-9). The point of this was to show that Jesus took their feet and “pulled them down a hard path of embarrassment, resistance, acquiescence, assurance—then commands us to get up and love like Christ” (Duke, 1995, p. 398). This teaching is significant to other worldviews because Jesus was a human being betrayed. This worldview demonstrates how Jesus and his believers communicated with Him with unwashed feet. According to Duke, unwashed feet meant that His apostles

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