The Point Of Knowledge And Faith Through God

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For years, the question about reality may seem to reach the mind of many people. For this reason, questions such as “Who created us?”, “What is the origin of us” or “What is life” may have been raised. Approaching this theme of metaphysics, which questions the existence of mankind, and epistemology, which questions the origin of our knowledge and things related, this paper will reach a pertinent topic. This essay will suggest the valid point of God answering the question “what is reality?” and what we can know of what exists and why. While answering this question, the point of knowledge and faith through God, how they are interconnected, in my opinion, will be noticed and said. Therefore, I suggest that we can know what is real through three interconnected lenses that are faith, the knowledge we obtain due to God and through in God. I believe that reality is the existence of everything that comes through our (human beings) knowledge, five senses and given by a Supreme Being known as God. This kind of subject leads us to the branches of philosophy such as metaphysics and epistemology, where we can define reality. We can know what is real. Why? I believe that by the fact that our minds can be able distinguish an illusion, which can be a false belief from what it is really happening, we can know it because of our knowledge. For instance, when I start sleeping, though many of my dreams I do not remember, I know that when I wake up I may not experience that same hallucination.
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