The Point Of View Of Paulo Freire

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In the point of view of Paulo Freire, he argued that humanization is the true 'vocation ' as well as the central problem of man, as history has reflected that both humanization and dehumanization can be real alternatives. Humanization is our true 'vocation ' and this 'vocation ' is being attacked as well as negated. In order to restore the humanization, liberation is the fundamental drive of humanity and it is a key for social change. Liberation is the leading point to awake the critical awareness and the thinking process of the individual in the society. The oppressed is needed to restore the humanity of both the oppressors and the oppressed, which is the struggle of the liberation when it is carrying out. Freire suggested a new idea of education, that generates a partnership between the teachers and the students, permitting the student to engage into a dialogue and be able to start the process of humanization through thinking.

Freire highlighted the issue of the fear of freedom in the oppressed, who are impacted by being immersed in a situation of oppression. He said that the oppressed people have to see beyond themselves and understand their situation, so that they can start thinking about their world. It could be achieved by the dialogue in education. As critical consciousness and the resulting combination of thought and action is the key to restore humanity, or to become humanised again. Freire believed that only the oppressed can save themselves and also the…
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