The Poisoned Apple

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is one of the most notable brands in today's market. With products ranging from home computers, cellphones, internet and cable, to television, Apple Inc. seems to be dominating in every aspect of the technological world. The company started in a garage with only three members, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. With such as small base of operations, one must question of how these young men were able to create and maintain this powerhouse of a company for over forty years. Although there are many other aspects that have contributed to their success, Apple Inc.'s use of propaganda techniques in their ad campaigns have to be one of the main factors for its rising fame. The first ad in question comes from one of their earlier works of Macintosh Plus in 1986. The name of this ad is called “Power to be the Best” and depicts not only the Apple product, but also various athletes such as Olympians competing amongst one another. In one shot there is a rock star on-stage, blaring out music through his guitar, as thousands of fans cheer him on. In another frame a cowboy literally takes life by the horns as he wrestles a bull to the ground while kicking up a dust storm all around. Images of NASCAR drivers racing down the tracks, a surfer enjoying his ride within a massive wave, and choir members gleefully singing in a church are just part of the many clips shown throughout the commercial. All the while these images are being projected through the…

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