The Poisonwood Bible By Barbara Kingsolver

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The Poisonwood Bible Nowadays, in today’s society, survival is considered the basic instinct of all humans. Commonly defined as the state of “continuing to live or exist, in spite of an accident, ordeal or difficult circumstance,”(Dictionary) survival teaches us the will to succeed and face adversity despite the challenges and obstacles we may encounter along the way. In Barbara Kingsolver’s novel “ The Poisonwood Bible,” there is a central theme of survival. Whether it includes finding supplies and resources or fending off predators, the Congo presents challenges in which the Price Family must strive to overcome. Through the use of setting, allusion, style and symbolism readers are able to understand each character’s reaction and adaptability to the adversities of the congo. With this in mind, we will focus on the setting of the novel. As most readers may know, the story takes place in Congo, a country located in central Africa. When the Price Family arrive, readers immediately notice a turmoil evolving as a result of the country’s political and foreign affairs with other nations. Apart from its economic hardship, the congo’s harsh environment makes it susceptible for foods and resources to be limited as well as the dissemination of diseases and illness such as malaria, cholera and tuberculosis. For the Price Family,the congo presents difficult challenges they must encounter. These obstacles revolve around the profound sense of culture shock. Such challenges…
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